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Classroom Wishlist


Classroom Wishlist


Throughout the year, I tend to purchase items for the classroom.  However, I can never seem to keep up with the consistent needs for our activities.  Here are some of the most used items that we continue to use as the year progresses.  These are just suggestions, and any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance for your kind donation(s).


I also have a Classroom Wishlist through Amazon for more specialty items that would be a great addition to our classroom.  If you would like this list, please ask and I can send you the link.



Capri-Sun (used for our V.I.P. student table members within our classroom)

Chalk-White or Colors (used to write ontop of our Flexible Seating Tables)

Paint Samples (all colors, shapes and sizes-)

Pencils (#2 plain pencils work best)

Play dough (used for writing, reading, math and spelling practice)

Stickers (we use these for creating sticker stories and to put on graded work)

Hole Punchers (single hole punch)

Contact Kimberly Elkins

School Phone:
(316) 794-4080