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We will plan to have a daily snack option in our classroom this year. You may send a snack each day for your own child. Keep it simple and healthy. We will not allow candy as a snack, and please do not send drinks, with the exception of a water bottle. We take plenty of water breaks a day, but we come in from Encore right as we leave at the end of the day and do not have time for all of 2nd grade to stop for drinks. A water bottle is helpful during hot days so kids can grab a drink from them before leaving for the bus or their ride home. If you do not want to, or are unable to send snacks daily, that is completely understandable. Your child will just pass on snacks for that day. However, our lunch time this year is not until 12:40 so the kids may get hungry before then without a snack. We will have a snack time mid-morning. There may not be a scheduled snack time, we might have the snack while working or even take them out to recess depending on the day’s activities. Please make it something quick and easy to eat. The children must be able to open it themselves.

Keep in mind that some parents will choose not to send a snack daily, so we ask that you please discuss polite manners with your child. Kids can easily feel left out and we do not want feelings hurt when someone does not bring a snack. Also remind your child not to share any part of their snack with a friend; we may have students with food allergies in each class and we want to keep everyone safe.


Thank You,

The Second Grade Department