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Wonderful Apps

Wonderful Apps


Challenging Apps:

Cover Orange-addicting game in which you have to save the orange from the rain cloud. This takes strategizing and planning to cover your orange and friends.


Drawesome-another app that challenges your mind to get through the path without going over a line twice.


Labyrinth-during this app you have to have great patience and balance to get the ball through the maze.


Skill 15-a childhood favorite game came to life. Maneuver the numbers around The screen to get them in counting order, skip counting or another pattern of your choice. It is timed on the original numerical order.


Tap 2 Ten-a game for 1-4 players. This game shows a picture and each player taps on their matching picture. The first one to tap wins a point.


Where's My Water-a game with twists and turns. You must provide the alligator with a supply of water, but it's not as easy as it sounds. There are many obstacles along they way.


Language Arts Apps:


A Sight Words Read and Spell -Great app for reading sight words. You click on the word if you read it correctly. Then you may go back over the words. The app also has the option of reading you the word. The Full Version has all the sight words from Pre-Primer to 3rd Grade.


Abby Explorer Phonics-First Grade-Super app for helping students learn about short/long vowels, consonant blends, vowel pairs, consonant pairs. There are 8 different ways of learning through this app from flash cards, sentences, riddles, word search and review. Well worth the investment to get all Grades K-4.


Build a Word Express-Great for auditory sounds when trying to spell a word. This app allows you to learn, practice and test.


Endless Alphabet-Really cute app that teaches new vocabulary. Students will spell the word, see the word in action and hear the definition. Fabulous app for free and updates are available for more words. Super find!


Freefall Spelling-this app is a fun, unique way to practice spelling words. If you upgrade, you are allowed to create your own spelling lists. The program saves the lists so you can use them time and time again, and you can record your voice as you read the words. This is one of my favorite apps.


Howie Word Family-Fun app that supports word families. I use the free version, and it has many words from short vowel, long vowel, bossy R's and other vowel team words.


Jungle ABC Bingo-within this app you are allowed to choose capital or lowercase letters. This app helps your child with letter to letter recognition.


Language Adventures Quiz Game Show Grades 1-3-Again this is a fabulous app that will help with many topics that we cover in first grade. This app has 11 different topics of focus; reading comprehension, vocabulary, synonyms/antonyms, fact/opinion, parts of speech, word analogies, sentences/punctuation, library skills and more. You may select the number of teams and what topics you are learning for that particular time of play. Fun and engaging for our little friends with play instructions, audio support on question cards and optional countdown timer.


Lingoloons-create words by touching the letter filled bubbles. The more letters and complex the word, the more points you receive. Beat the timer! This is a great way to think abstractly while exploring with ways to create words. My husband and I enjoy trying to beat each other at being the one to create the best word.


Monkey Word-This entertaining app explores the world of letters, sight words, phonics and spelling. Lessons range from letter recognition to blends and diagraphs.


Phonics Tic Tac Toe-this app works on many skills, ranging from beginning sounds to short vowels. A two player game while trying to get three in a row.


StoryWheel-record your voice as you create a story about the items that you spun on the big wheel. Each story is different and can be saved and played back at anytime. This is a great app to work on creative story telling, sequencing and putting your thoughts together. And it's free!


SparkleFish-wonderful app that allows you to be part of the story. You record yourself saying parts of speech and the story creates your choices and voice with the story. Reminds me of the Mad Libs, just put to audio.


Sight Words by Photo Touch-listen to a time, then find it on the screen.


Word Match-master the simple game of matching by remembering where each sight word it at. You can choose the level of difficulty, but picking out how many cards you want on the screen. Good for memory and sight word practice.


Mathematical Apps:

10 More, 10 Less-This app is well worth the cost. It gives the user practice on 1 more and 1 less, 10 more and 10 less, addition and subtraction practice along with word problems. A special feature that I like is the 100 chart that you can see through each part of the app. This is helpful when working out the word problems to move forwards or backwards using the numbers. Super App!

Base Ten Bingo-This app utilizes base ten blocks that students manipulate to help with place value, number sense, counting, addition and subtraction. They have updated their app to Bingo, and I feel it is a great improvement.


Bubble Math-great for addition and subtraction practice.


Count Battle-This is a very speedy app that 1-2 players need to touch the numbers in counting order. The levels vary from very easy to hard. A couple of different games within this app. Worth getting!


Freefall Math-great for addition and subtraction practice.


Freefall Money-practice finding, counting and spending money.


Freefall Time-good app that makes learning about time more fun than paper/pencil. Try getting the time correct before the time falls.


Interactive Telling Time-allows the player to see the time change throughout the day. Students move the hands on the clock to the correct time. An incentive is given after 15 questions are answered correctly. Great for beginners at telling time.


Jungle Math Bingo-try to get a bingo while practicing addition and subtraction.


Marble Math Jr.-The user solves a varity of math problems by collecting numbers as you roll or drag your marble through the maze. This app comes goes on sale from time to time, but I have found with the different levels of play-it is worth the purchase.


Math Doodle-This is a great chalenging app that focuses on finding the sum, connecting sums, finding the unknown number and figuring the hours between two times. The player can pick their item to count with from dice, ten frames, or roman numbers. We can also alter timed/not timed or race mode and easy/hard. Great app for the $2.99, worth looking into.


Math Facts-number bonds and fact families-great game for reinforcing addition and subtraction facts, fact families and number bonds. There are four different games within this app.


Math Party-This is a multi-player game that has 4 different levels of play. A quick game to play with the whole family.


Math Quiz Game Show-A fabulous app that will help with many topics that we cover in first grade. This app has 12 different topics of focus; addition, subtraction, fractions, measurement, place value, shapes, time, money, word problems, graphs, and more. You may select the number of teams and what topics you are learning for that particular time of play. Fun and engaging for our little friends with play instructions, audio support on question cards and optional countdown timer.


Stick Math-recreate a math sentence by only moving 1 match stick, very challenging.


The Counting Game-this game allows you to skip count by whatever number you want.


Tiny Fractions-this app provides an ideal visuals of mastering fraction concepts. It goes through steps of identifying, comparing and recording fractions. Great for beginners on identifying fractions.


Telling Time by Photo Touch-listen to a time, then find it on the screen.


Top It!-a game for 1-2 players. This game is similar to war, on how the players compare numbers and pick the number that is greatest. The students get points for having the correct sum and for being the player with the greatest number. There is some strategy within this game.


What time is it Mr. Wolf?-This game is a wonderful app to help tell time. Within the settings options you can alter the minutes; from 5 past to only working on o'clocks. It also give the options of digital and words. Wonderful for beginners to experienced time tellers! At the time it was only $0.99 cents.



Science & Social Studies Apps:

  Clever Bird Early Science-helps you learn about many science topics and it also can quiz you.


Heat Pad Lite-just a fun, memorizing app that feels the heat from your hands.


Stack the States-a wonderful app that walks you through learning the states, capitals and landmarks of each state. The upgrade is fabulous!


Star Walk-fascinating app that allows you to see the stars and zodiac signs, even in the day time.


WeatherStation-we use this app to check current weather temperature, wind chill and weekly weather view.


Miscellaneous Apps:

   First Grade Learning Games-There is a free version of which 3 games are provided. The full version has 10 games that focus on pasterns, ordering, word bingo, compounds, advanced counting, add and subtract, contractions, spelling, fractions and verbs, nouns and adjectives. Great app for First Graders.


Mosaic-With this app the player looks at the scrambled picture and tries to guess the word. You may tap the picture, but only a few times to see more of the original unscrambled image. Fun and challenging.


Soundrop-neat app that allows you to control the tempo and sound by drawing lines on the screen.


RhythemRepeat-this app is a challenge to keep the beat and click on the right drum. This app reminds me of Simon-Says.



If you have an app that you use and would like to have it added to our list so others can enjoy, just send the information to

Mrs. Elkins. Or if you discover that one of the apps are no longer woking, please contact Mrs. Elkins.  Thanks!