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Book Checkout Procedures

Earhart student library books are checked out for a one week period.  Students can always recheck a book if needed.  If any books are overdue, an automatic email will be sent out on Sunday afternoons just as a reminder to return the book the following school day. 

Students will not be allowed to check out more library books until all overdue books are returned or payment has been received for any lost/damaged library books.  Payment will equal the cost of the lost/damaged book so that a library-bound copy can be reordered.  Replacement copies of the same book that are not library-bound are not accepted.  If a lost book has been paid for and is found and returned, a full refund will be issued.

Each grade level can check out the following number of library books at one time:

Kdg-1st - 2 books each

2nd-4th - 3 books each

Extra books may also be checked out as a teacher request for research or other special projects.

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