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Grading Policies


The K-4 elementary school report card is standards-based and includes a brief descriptor of the standards addressed at that grade level by subject area.  The standards for grades 1-3 are scored as M = Meets Standards; N = Needs Improvement; NE= New Entry – unable to assess at this time.  Ablank indicates that the standard was not assessed this quarter. 

At the fourth grade level, students are assigned a letter grade in addition to standard scores.  The grading scale is: 

A:  100-95, A-:94-90,

B+: 89-87, B: 86-83, B-: 82-80,

 C+79-77, C: 76-73, C-: 72-70,

D+: 69-67, D:66-63, D-: 62-60,

F: 59-0