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Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule 


8:30  Students arrive

8:45  Announcements and Calendar

9:30  Science (M,W) Counselor (T) and Library (TH) alternating Friday

10:10  Reading Language Arts

11:35  Lunch

12:05  Recess

12:40 RIT

1:15  Math 

2:20  Recess

2:45  Growth Mindset (M) Social Studies (T, TH) Writing (W,F)

3:15  Music (M,W) and PE (T, TH)  alternating Fridays

4:01  Dismissal

**There are specific scheduled restroom breaks throughout our day for our class to be socially distant , and we will have snacks in the afternoon.


Note:  If you are would like to schedule a birthday party for your child, please contact Mrs. Elkins.  A this time, if you would like to send birthday treats-we are only allowing individually packed items to be passed out.  You will need to send them to school, and we will celebrate with your child during the day.  Sorry no visitors at this time because of strict regulations.  Thank you!

Contact Kimberly Elkins

School Phone:
(316) 794-4080