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Classroom Information

Class Time 8:45-4:01 is our school time.  Please keep in mind how important attendance and being on time is for your child’s growth this year.

Blue Folders The blue folder marked as HOME needs to be brought to school each day. Notes and graded work usually go home about every day.

Birthdays Treats are welcomed for birthdays. Simple treats work great like cookies, rice crispy treats, fruit, popcorn, etc. Cupcakes can get very messy for fingers, tables, and clothing. Please no balloons.  Birthday invitations can only be sent home if they go to EVERY student.

Book Orders Book Club orders for purchasing books will be sent home about each month, please send your order online or a check made out to the book club in an envelope with your child’s name.

Secret in the Backpack will  be every Friday. When it is your child’s turn, you will get directions sent home early in the week.  Children are welcomed to bring items from a vacation,  pictures, toys books, and homemade projects. You will help your child create clues to give classmates. It is important that you encourage your child to share something each week. This is a part of their participation grade.

Homework will  be assigned weekly. The page will include a skill to practice each day. Students bring back homework at the end of the week for a special ticket.

Rest Time Please supply a small blanket or towel. We usually rest about  15-20 minutes.

Snacks Please send a snack with your child daily.  Non-messy snacks are appreciated.  (i.e.: graham crackers, pretzels, crackers, fruit snacks, animal cookies, fruit, etc.)  

Parent Volunteers It would be great to have an extra set of hands in the classroom. You would be working with small groups, individual students, and helping with projects. If coming into class doesn’t fit into your schedule, there are many crafts that can be made at home. Please email me if you are interested.

Reward System: Students will move up or down our behavior chart during the day.  Each day they will color their calendar in their blue folder to let you know how their day went.  I will give students colored chips for making good choices.  As they accumulate these chips in sets of 10, they can “spend” them on prizes.


*Raise your hand to talk
*Use inside voices
*Use helpful hands and words
*Follow directions quickly
*Make smart choices
*Keep your dear teacher happy





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