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Spelling Lists

Weekly Spelling Lists and High Frequency Words


Unit 1 Week 1

Spelling: back, cap, sack, had, has, pack, ran, see, she, pans

HFW: the, see, go, she, and


Unit 1 Week 2

Spelling: big, him, hit, kick, kids, lid, little, lips, fit, you

HFW: play, little, with, you


Unit 1 Week 3

Spelling: box, doll, hot, cots, jump, lock, mop, one, rock, top

HFW: for, no, jump, one, have


Unit 2 Week 1

Spelling: ten, jet, fed, neck, let, mess, sell, bed, look, are

HFW: are, said, two, look, my


Unit 2 Week 2

Spelling: cub, rug, nut, duck, cup, dull, cuff, sun, come, here

HFW: come, here, to, of


Unit 2 Week 3

Spelling: class, clock, black, flat, glad, plums, plan, slip, put, what

HFW: what, put, want, this, saw

Unit 3 Week 1

Spelling: trip, brim, prop, crab, grass, frog, drip, trim, now, went

HFW: now, do, which, went


Unit 3 Week 2

Spelling: sled, skip, step, spin, skin, smell, slip, spot, out, was

HFW: was, there, then, out


Unit 3 Week 3

Spelling: jump, and, pink, hand, nest, went, sink, trunk, who, good

HFW: who, good, by, them


Unit 4 Week 1

Spelling: bath, bring, our, this, shop, shut, rang, these, thing, wish

HFW: were, our, could, these


Unit 4 Week 2

Spelling: chop, lunch, when, catch, much, check, whiff, match, hurt, once

HFW: once, upon, hurt, that


Unit 4 Week 3

Spelling: split, strap, scrub, squid, sprint, stretch, scratch, splash, because, when

HFW: because, from, their, when

Unit 5 Week 1

Spelling: take, made, came, plate, brave, game, make, skate, right, start

HFW: why, many, right, start


Unit 5 Week 2

Spelling: home, broke, rode, those, spoke, hole, bone, close, how, under

HFW: find, how, over, under


Unit 5 Week 3

Spelling: gem, cent, race, page, dance, strange, face, stage, far, try

HFW: far, give, too, try


Unit 6 Week 1

Spelling: mine, nice, line, ride, time, white, slice, bike, after, call

HFW: after, call, her, large


Unit 6 Week 2

Spelling: these, use, cute, Pete, Steve, cube, mule, huge, long, off

HFW: house, long, off, small

Unit 6 Week 3

Spelling: stay, paint, mail, way, rain, spray, trail, pay, year, live

HFW: brown, live, work, year


Unit 7 Week 1

Spelling: soap, go, coat, cold, toe, flows, show, toast, found, your

HFW: found, your, know, always


Unit 7 Week 2

Spelling: brief, each, field, fleas, need, people, seat, we, wheels, where

HFW: all, draw, people, where


Unit 7 Week 3

Spelling: sky, tie, find, high, why, bright, pies, child, again, country

HFW: again, country, round, they


Unit 8 Week 1

Spelling: hard, start, park, farm, sharp, yard, dark, part, boy, four

HFW: boy, city, four, great


Unit 8 Week 2

Spelling: short, door, born, store, soar, fork, thorn, more, move, change

HFW: away, change, laugh, move


Unit 8 Week 3

Spelling: turn, first, bird, clerk, nurse, serve, shirt, hurt, earth, every

HFW: earth, every, near, school


Unit 9 Week 1

Spelling: loud, how, down, count, round, frown, sprout, brown, before, done

HFW: before, done, about, even


Unit 9 Week 2

Spelling: join, toy, coin, boy, spoil, joy, point, royal, walk, buy

HFW: walk, buy, only, through


Unit 9 Week 3

Spelling: soon, hook, good, bloom, smooth, wood, shook, tooth, does, another

HFW: does, another, wash, some


Unit 10 Week 1

Spelling: wrap, knob, sign, wrist, know, gnat, wrong, knight, better, learn

HFW: better, carry, learn, very


Unit 10 Week 2

Spelling: draw, small, chalk, taught, yawn, launch, caught, fault, father, never

HFW: mother, father, never, below


Unit 10 Week 3

Spelling: lucky, valley, windy, hockey, easy, turkey, penny, chimney, blue, eight

HFW: blue, answer, eight, any

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