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About Kimberly Elkins

Hello Parents and Friends,

I am Kimberly Elkins and I am your child's first grade teacher.  Here is some information about myself.

I graduated from Goddard High School in 1993.  I am a K-12 Goddard alumni.  After my senior year at Goddard High School I continued my education at McPherson College.  I received my Bachelors of Science Degree from McPherson in 1997. I decided to come back to a place that was familiar to (Goddard) and start my teaching career. I have had the pleasure of working alongside some of my teachers when I was in grade school, and other life-long teacher friends.

After teaching for 5 years in the Goddard School District I decided to get my Masters Degree.  I graduated from Baker University in 2005 with a Master of Education degree with an Concentration in Technology. Currently I am teaching first grade at Amelia Earhart in Goddard, Kansas.  I have my Masters Degree and 60 additional hours.

I have an open door policy-so please visit any time!

I have a supportive, loving husband-Roger whom I have been married to since June 6, 2009.  Roger also is a Goddard K-12 alumni.  Although we didn't date in High School, we crossed paths many moons later.  He is a jack of many trades; he worked as a mechanic before we were married, has had his own construction/lawn mowing business and is currently working on building homes through a local contractor.  Roger is also studying to become a pastor.  This summer we took on the task of residing and painting our home.  With the summer heat and the physical demand of his job- let’s just say we are still working on beautifying our westside home.

I also have 2 step-children:  Levi who attending McPherson College for a few years then when Covid struck, he decided to put a hold on his education.  He currently works with Pfizer near McPherson.  His interests are band, cooking and gaming technology.  We are very proud of Levi for following in both of our footsteps when it comes to band, Roger and I were both "band nerds" and support music within our schools.  Skyler is my step-daughter.  She currently works in Wichita and would like to be a professional Photographer some day.  Also very proud of her accomplishments in being an independant photographer. 

Here are a some family photos...  



During the summer my husband and I enjoy drinking our morning coffee's on our deck and watching the different birds come and eat from our bird feeders. We like riding around town on Roger’s Harley Davidson, although I am a very picky rider-the weather has to be perfect. Although our kids are adults and live elsewehere I still like to brag.  Levi enjoys playing games and swimming, and Skyler loves taking naps and taking photos.  As a family, we are involved in church activities, entertaining other family members and helping out with different organizations within our church denomination.  We like to play card games and watch movies.

 We have three pets, 2 cats and 1 dog.  Captain Jackie (CJ) who is a Tabby breed feline and an exciting ball of fire.  She was born in October of 2011.  She received this name because we like the Pirates of the Caribbean movies-and Captain Jack Sparrow is my favorite character.  She loves to rub against our feet with her nose.  Our other cat is, Jersey Habibi.   She was born in March of 2013.  Jersey is special because I got her from the Kansas Humane Society when my husband was traveling to Israel.  His first layover was in New Jersey, hence her first name.  And when he was traveling in Israel, he learned that the word Habibi means my friend/my love. So we thought that was a proper middle name.  Jersey is a very loving Tortie breed cat.  Jersey is lovable, and likes kisses from me-a bit skittish around others.  We often find her resting in our shower, sink or bathtub. 

And our dog's name is Jemma.  She is a dog that Roger found on Craig's List for “free”.  Yes, free-however free was no longer free when we took her to the vet, eats our siding or tears up the bushes around our deck.  She has had a couple owners, but seems to fit right in with us.  In the spring of 2015 she was estimated to be about 2 years old.  Jemma is full of energy, runs very fast around the yard and enjoys jumping up on our trampoline.  She likes chasing other dogs (that are walking with their owners around the lake) up and down our fence.  Jemma always thinks she wins.





Favorite Things

Below are some of Mrs. Elkins' favorite things:

Drink:  Dr. Pepper, Chai Tea and Sonic's Cherry Limeades

Restaurants:  PF Changs, Abuelos, Viet Nom-Nom, Olive Garden, Carlos O' Kelly, Torchy’s and Arbys 

Animals:  Cats  (and the occasional family dog)

Colors:  Black, gray 

Day of the Week:  Tuesday-because it is Taco Tuesday

Sport:  Soccer

Smells:  Crayola Crayons and Cut Grass

Sweet Treats:  M & M mini's, Peanut Butter M & M's and Cheesecake

Favorite T.V. Shows:  FRIENDS, Big Bang Theory, all the FBI shows, Bachelor, Bachelorette, Survivor, Big Brother, Master Chef, Master Chef Jr.  (I'm a sucker for the silly reality shows). 

Birthday:  October 23


Contact Kimberly Elkins

School Phone:
(316) 794-4080