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Classroom Information


Welcome to our Classroom

I believe that our classroom gives the students a place to explore, expand on their learning, and to use their creativity for thinking outside the box. 

When walking into the classroom-normally, one will notice it does not look like the traditional classroom setting with student desks in a row.  We have a flexible seating type of classroom.  Here you will see items such as pillows, stools, crates, futons, wobble chairs and tables with chairs around for small groupings. The goal of flexible seating is to give students a choice and to help them find the type of seating that allows them to achieve their best learning.  Each student has a different learning style and way they learn best.  I want to empower each student to choose which seat in our classroom best meets that need.  Students have a main desk area, but the flexible choices allows them to rotate around the room throughout the week.  This also allows them to sit by others, have conversations with different classmates and broaden their friendship circles.

We have a loft in which students may climb up the ladder and do their work from above.  There are lamps to create the home feel and usually one set of lighting is on to help the glare stay off the white board and you may hear relaxing music playing in the background to help students stay focused during independent work time.

I feel that we have created a comfortable working environment for our students.  With positive reinforcements, Growth Mindset and Capturing Kids’ Hearts, this should be a wonderful learning habitat for your child to be a first grader.  

Note:  Due to new regulations the classroom may look different than mentioned above.  The safety of our students and staff are very important, and thus our Flexible Seating options may have changed.



     I expect that all students will learn to their fullest ability, to think for themselves, and make good choices that will help them become a better person. We will learn to be independent and use resources around the room. I expect students to follow the rules of the classroom, treat others with respect and most of all be honest to their classmates as well as to themselves. We will have fun learning and help others along our Rainforest Journey.



Social Contract

As a class we will work together to create a social contract.  This contract will have words/adjectives on how we are to treat each other.  We will follow this contract to the best of our abilities.  We will refer to the social contract throughout the day.   If a student is not following the social contract, I will be asking them four questions:

What are you doing?

What are you supposed to be doing?

Are you doing it?

What are you going to do about it?


I will also be following our Student Behavior Management matrix that you received at the beginning of the year.  If you need another copy of the matrix, please ask.


Classroom Rules

Follow directions quickly

Raise your hand for permission to speak

Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat

Make smart choices

Keep your dear teacher happy!


Grading Policy

I try to grade papers and input them into Skyward Family Access on a weekly basis.  Please understand that because of schedules, school functions or extra activities this may vary.  If a child is missing an assignment, or if the assignment task is blank, the system does not count that against their overall grade.  Only if there is a number inserted does that effect their grade.  Our grading scale is also found on Skyward Family Access.  Handwriting is graded differently since it is not on a numbered system.  

The pages that are graded for handwriting should have an abbreviated standard on it;


L=line placement


DW=daily work

  Then per standards there will be another letter, I try to circle this letter so you and your child can see the grade for this assignment.

M is mastering that skill

(all letters are formed and place properly and neat writing)

P is progressing towards the standard 

(most letters are formed and place properly and alright writing)

L is limited progress towards the standard 

(many of the letters are not formed or place properly and could be written neater)

If you have any questions regarding your child's grades, please email or call Mrs. Elkins.




Contact Kimberly Elkins

School Phone:
(316) 794-4080