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Fun Websites

       Fun Websites

Educational Links: 

District Website
National Geographic for Kids
Math Games
Gamequarium - lots of educational games
Fun Brain
Fact Monster
Fun games from KSN - channel 3
Math Playground

This website reviews very basic reading skills 

Holiday Activities 

Online stories read to you by famous people

Welcome to Santa's secret village

Online collection of animated, talking picture books.

username = aearhart

password = books 

Great educational computer games and activities! 

PlaceValue Interactive Game 

First Palette

First Palette is an art site with ideas for educators and parents
who share an enthusiasm for art, who recognize the value of doing
meaningful and fun activities together with kids, and who have a
passion for nurturing creativity and the love for learning.

Giggle Poetry
The self proclaimed number one fun poetry site for kids on the
web! Learn to write poetry, create poems online, and read and
rate hundreds of poems. Teacher resources available.

Great Group Games
Your ultimate game group resource for free and fun youth party
games, icebreakers, outdoor games, and more! Searchable by size
of group, age of group, playing area, and type of occasion.


Imagination Café – Feed Your Mind!
Imagination Café is safe, fun, education and entertainment site
for kids and tweens with quizzes, recipes and articles on
careers, animals, history, sports, science, and more!

Jean Marzollo
List of Jean's books online as well as paper format. Preschoolers
can enjoy listening to a book read to them as they view works and
illustrations. Short and Long bio of Jean.

Journey North
Global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change. Engaging
stories, photos, videos and slide shows from the natural world.
Viewers can read, view, track, graph, analize, view migration
maps, sightings, and read the latest news on our ever changing
natural world

Kaboose: Where Family Comes First
Lots of arcade-style games to play online and coloring pages to
print out.

Mrs. P
Kids can listen in as Mrs. P (played by Kathy Kinney) reads aloud

classic children's stories. The site also contains interactive
games and activities. Requires a high-speed Internet connection.

The Lorax Project
This site raises awareness of environmental issues and helps
children to take action to conserve forests and species.

Spatulatta presents kids with beginning cooking tips and
recipes while encouraging them to eat well and to understand the
connection between farms and the dinner table. The site also
encourages kids to ask family members for recipes they can cook

Thinking Blocks
Thinking Blocks is an engaging, interactive math tool developed
by classroom teachers to help students learn how to solve
multistep word problems.

Jan Brett

Draw On
By simply clicking on the pen and dragging it around the screen,
users can create a drawing online then save it, send it to a
friend, invite a friend to collaborate in the drawing, or replay
the drawing stroke by stroke.